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Fuck Me In The BackSeat.

From song Fer Sure Maybe.
Kick off your stilletos,

And fuck me in the backseat, (fmitbs)
Fuck me in the backseat.(fmitbs)
by Stalkerrrrrrr February 26, 2010
A shorter way of saying "fuck me in the butt". Also another way of saying "fuck me" when things in life seems to be getting worser.
Man, I got one problem with one girl and another problem with another girl and I might be held back in high school...man F.M.I.T.B.
by Jimi Sanchez October 29, 2010
FMITB stands for Fuck Me In The Butt.

Ali Breitenbach of yorktown invented this saying. she is a genius so please. use FMITB today!
Bri- ugh i have a bio test next period and i didnt study! FMITB
Alix- ahaha your gonna fail!
by alixxxx March 31, 2010