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FMDO is a text acronym for fuck my dick off. Fuck My Dick Off is a random thing to yell out your car window to people on street, or to say to boss, and/or everyone else in life. A new hipper version of fml (fuck my life)
Friend (Text): Hey homey, I hear your girl is banging your brother.
You (Text): Not again, fmdo
by c1scok1d October 07, 2008
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abbreviation and less sketchy way to say to a girl what u want in public or online.

Fuck My Dick Off
Girl: lmao ur r so funny what do u want to do tonight?

Guy: I want you to...(looks around and notices a group of ppl around) fmdo.

Girl smiles and takes him into the bathroom.
by Madhatter Tank September 09, 2008

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