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An kick ass band fronted by the incredibly hot Lacey Mosley.
jackie: you guys are so have a great voice.
lacey: thank you. here, i'll get you a poster and i'll sign it for you.
jackie: (thinking) i love you
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
A great band fronted by the gorgous Lacey Mosley, the band has brilliant potential. The Band Orignated from texas and are all followers of the Christian Faith.
John: have you head that new band Flyleaf?
Jack: Yeah their amazing!
by Bannana Mosher January 14, 2008
A blank page before and after a book, to help sort your thoughts out, before and after reading the story.
i needed clairfaction at the flyleaf
by ashalay anesthetic October 06, 2007
The unwritten pages in the back of a book; the "leaf" which makes you "fly"; a grouping of musically inclined teenagers from yonkers new york.
"Yo, flyleaf totally kicks ur mom!"
"Yo, pass dat' flyleaf ha'."
"I wrote my bitch a note on the flyleaf in mah' history book"
by Iwanna Kumalot October 20, 2003
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