Refers to someone whos 'High' on Drugs.
Can also mean On A Roll!
'Wow look at the size of his pupils, is he a flyer or what?'
'Wow, those guys are great, they are real Flyers'
by nasdaq March 25, 2007
A CD so terrible that you just chuck it out the window while driving in your car.
Let's go through all the music in your mom's car!
Okay- Madonna's True Blue album!? This one's a flyer.
by QueenModdy June 15, 2012
an extra drink consumed while one is already in a defined round.
I see Neville is having a flyer
by Mad4MMR August 14, 2006
Redneck term for cum. The ejaculation of seminal fluids from the penis during masturbation.
When i masturbated, i let out a flyer!
by tedwards January 21, 2008
Hockey team. Not many know the real reason behind hte name, but a contest was held and a small boy one. Flyers means WWI Fighter Pilots. Too bad the Flyers suck.
Bill: Devils suck! Go Flyers!
Dan: How old were you the last time the Flyers won the cup?
Bill: Uhm....I wasn't born.
Dan: Exactly.
by ByronDafoe December 30, 2005

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