A way of dumping work assigned to you on someone else.
I had lots to do but after a spot of fly tipping i've not got that much to do.

I was going home but my boss has come over and fly tipped me.

Right im off home, i've just fly tipped what was left on to the graduate we recruited.
by matthew ward August 09, 2006
Top Definition
A British phrase describing the act of dumping waste or trash illegally
The contractor was fined for fly tipping the leftover building supplies in a field down the road
by tim2000 September 16, 2007
British term for the illegal dumping of waste material.
'since organising her neighbours to lobby the city council to spend £1m to clean up their area, renovate houses, plant trees and stop fly-tipping...' (Tim Bouquet interviewing Sameen Ali in the Times magazine, 08.03.08)
by kenneth purtell March 08, 2008
An environmental crime whereby the perpetrator engages in unautorized dumping of waste.
Fly-tipping is now under crack-down in England.
by JustJen March 15, 2005
the act of creeping into a field at night when all the flies are sleeping whilst standing up, and pushing them over
"we went fly tipping last night, it was fucking safe as fuck!"
by Cpt Ash McCool November 20, 2008
An environmental crime whereby the perpetrator engages in the unautorized dumping of waste.
Fly-tipping is now under crack-down in Great Britan.
by JustJen March 15, 2005
Flytipping is a drunken activity that male humans wearing jeans participate in when the party atmosphere reaches the slow decline that happens after it peaks where one or more people have passed out and the rest are substantially drunk. Said males who are especially drunk and most likely randy will proceed to open and 'empty' the 'contents' of their zipfly onto the face of a person lying passed out on the floor. The lower orders also tend to call it dickslapping. This activity rarely turns sexual and in fact can be seen as rather irritating especially for those victims who are unlucky enough to be attacked by one who has recently been to pee and not wiped themselves clean. Most likely to occur when party is at said atmospheric condition and a game of spin the bottle is occuring.
Person 1: Dude what smells of pi..? OH MAN DID SOME FUCKER GO FLYTIPPING LAST NIGHT?
Person 2: Fuck I don't know I just remember being fucked off my head and randy as fuck
by coit105 August 24, 2010

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