Flux Capacitor ~ An electrical component used to temporarily store the force of an electric or magnetic feild consisting f two(2) or moe ufaces seperted by a nonconductor dielectric
Doc: "This is what makes time travel possible, the Flux Capacitor."
by ERcubed February 04, 2006
combination of Red Bull and Jager. also known as a Jager-bomb. the combination of these drinks makes Time Travel (blacking out) possible.
Bartender give me a Flux capacitor (no bartender knows this name for a drink.....yet)
by djmx21 March 29, 2008
One bottle of Rumplemintz, one bottle of jager, and another bottle of goldschlager. Drink all three of these together and you will time travel to the following day. Hence the name flux capacitor. One shot of this mix is also known as a shot liquid cocaine.
Hey Frank, get the flux capacitor so we can time travel to tomorrow morning.
by Ashe? November 28, 2007
Flux Capacitor (n): Them item that we tell third generation honda prelude (1988-1991) owners that they have in their car that is the original version of vtec.
91ludaSI:well for one what is a flux capacitor i have a b21 trani 88 2.o si motor b21 intake mani . b21 exhaust system what would the flux capacitor be in the motor or the intake mani

cntrdctn86:It's the old version of vtec. When you hit 88 mph, you pick up so fast, it's like you're time traveling...
by cntrdctn86 October 09, 2007
n. The vein found on the underside of the cock shaped like the letter 'Y' and the model for the flux capacitor's design as seen in the back to the future films.
"Marty! You can try all you like, but the flux capacitor's taken so much damage it'll be a miracle if i can ever get it up again!"
by carmelking247 May 20, 2008

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