Being annoyed and agitated at the same time
You are being such an ass im getting so flustered
#agitated #annoyed #pissed #angry #enraged
by Nick Tetreault ;Tim Hanson February 03, 2008
Top Definition
when one is so completely lost and confused; stressed out
When I over plan my schedule, i can become very flustered in trying to get everything done completely and on time.
by the founder of OMEY October 09, 2003
1. A condition of being stressed or upset, especially over something insignifigant
2. Sexual frustation
3. Ada's most common state of being
Ada is flustered all day, every day. She needs to calm her ass down.
#frustation #flustration #upset #angry #stressed
by J. W. B. April 10, 2006
sexually frustrated
When I am in his presence I get all flustered.
by Tiffani S February 07, 2004
Being confused, agitated, caught off-guard, tripped up, screwed, chopped, and/or screened before/after being styled on
Brandon got is going to be flustered after I style on him. Meny had some fluster farms chickens for breakfast and now he's all flustered.
#fluster #confused #trippin #mad #tho
by mistamagic November 20, 2012
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