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A universal replacment for all other words. Fill in the gaps...........
Im feeling rather ......
Pass me the ......
How are you to day? .......
...... off!
by kenders August 20, 2004
(fler-bul) v. -bling, -bled 1. To talk about linguistics. --flurblement n. --flurbally adv.
Do you think flurbling is a waste of time?

No, not always. Even talking about urbandictionary.com could be considered flurbling. Plus, I flurbled yesterday with my classmate and we got a lot of work done.
by SCCC March 31, 2005
flatulence from the vaginal area.

commonly known as a fanny fart.
Thomas's girlfriend flurbles after sex
by imsexysarah January 08, 2007