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An unusually long penis associated with an inflamed shaft, but also entails having small testicles about the size of peas (this would be flumentitis). It is a painful disease that results in hospitalization and the victim is impitent for the remainder of his life.
Person 1: Did you hear about Craig's junk? His dick is huge and his balls are really small.
Person 2: Yeah I heard he was hospitalized for flumentitis.
by shitstain212593 January 12, 2008
The viscous liquid consisting of feces, lube and semen which is evacuated from the anus at the conclusion of anal intercourse.
"Baby, get me a towel. I have flumen running down my leg." OR,

"Brush your teeth, your breath smells like flumen."
by Grama Snaza March 07, 2010

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