a wrestling term that means any indiscrimante body secrition ex. blood, sweat, spit ( ussually blood)
dylan: dammit john ruined another 1 of my underarur shorts b/c he got fluid on it
grorge: that sux
by iwrestle December 21, 2005
Internet acronym meaning "fucking look up, I did;" used to direct people to perform searches before asking questions
n00b: Can anyone tell me how to download songs to my iPhone?

experienced user: FLUID ya dumbfuck!
by leo3375 June 04, 2009
sexually involved . . . as in "exchanging body fluids"
Angelina and Brad are fluid
by Hip Flip January 31, 2005
A pretentious term for "bisexuality."

*~Freedom to Love UR Identity~*, y'all!
"I just don't understand how anyone COULDN'T be FLUID, because you can find yourself being attracted to a very close friend, even if you like, don't want to do anything sexual with them."

"Isn't that kind of the antithesis of 'attraction'?"

- someone who will remain anonymous and me
by Spuffy March 03, 2008
A VERY pricey surf shop.
hoax is way better.
"Fucking hell £100 for a fucking wallet.It isn't even gold plated."
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
Of relating to the Halo player "Fluid"
See: A Trogger
damn man i saw fluid tha other day he is such a bitch
by wiseman February 22, 2005

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