Fluffalump is a fluffy creature who is very soft and huggable
Lorna: I sure feel down :(
fluffalump: *HUG*
Conor: You love fluffalump more than me throw him out the window or we get a divorce!

Lorna divorces Conor
by Lornapie April 17, 2005
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a hairy fatty corpusal thats grows on the nipple of black men at night, that whisper sexual things in your ear at night.
scientists say that if you wake up with a fluffalump on your nipple immeditaly purchase a bluebajew at your local mcdonalds and rub it gently on your nipple untill it goes away...hopefully
"your a bluebajew"
"yeah well your a fluffalump"
by assface magge April 10, 2010

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