A word used in place of the word fuck.
For example:I dont give a fluck.or you fluckin rats ass.
by Sarah January 24, 2004
1.Verb. The act of having sex, aka fuck, while feeling lucky, also making the other man/woman feeling lucky too. And don't worry, people of all orientations can do this.

2.Adjective.Description of someones stress level.

3.Noun.A mental or tangible gift given from someone.
present tense: Flucking
past tense:Flucked
Future tense:Flucked
1.) "So Jillian, what do you like to do after work?"
"Oh, I like to fluck with John."

2.)"DUDE! I shot the president!...I think I'm flucked."

by MARCKELO February 08, 2008
To flick but in the past tense
"hey what was that for"
"sorry i just had to fluck you for being so stuped"
by LeoFlame February 04, 2008
a flamingo crossed with a duck...
what u think of when u get crazy in Washington D.C. with your friends on a school feild trip
that creature looks like a fluck
by LegoLorin January 11, 2008

1. The art of Sucking and Fucking at the same time.

2. Synonym, Fucking Sucks
1.) Judy fucks Sean and sucks Jerry.

2.) Man, this flucks.
by jerrett March 30, 2005
to fly like a duck at the west henderson football game.
also used to say fuck with out using profane words.
"Hey Fluckface."

"Go fluck yourself."

by westfalcongirl09 March 16, 2008
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