To put a hot dog on one's head.
Go fluck yourself.
by Nichirin June 30, 2004
fucking out of luck, really bad time, out of options
1) Sunny was so fluck that he had no option left other than kissing Mahi's ass..

2) Jim : How was your day Terry?

Terry: I was so fluck today..
by emptyexplodedhead October 21, 2010
effing luck
*Bird poops on guy's head*

Guy - Just my fluck!
by Meh_wrote_fluck February 19, 2010
A common conjuction formed by combining the words "flying" and "fuck". Commonly employed in an attempt to demonstrate that the subject matter at hand bears so little consequence as not even to merit fully stating one's opinion.
"how about those red sox?"
" Dunno. They could win the world series and I wouldn't give a fluck"
by Nathan G. Baldwin August 01, 2005
The word fuck but this is how it is said when people with a talking disorder.
Guy-Fuck you
Girl-No fluck you mother flucker !!
by Djaksfdgf June 06, 2011
Liberian Slang for beating, hitting, hurting or harming.
Jaahvaied: Dey next time I see you with dey gang people over there on dey street, I will FLUCK YOU!

Jaahlive: (Sucking Teeth)

Jaahvaied: Javissah, get me my belt.

Javissah: Okay. (Tosses him the belt). You mah fluck him good oh. He too frisky!

Jaahlive: Yall get on my nerves man.

Jaahvaied: (Spanks him) What I tell (Spanks him) What I Tell you.

Jaahlive: (Screaming and Yelling) Alright I'll stop I'll stop (Him getting Spanked continues)
by Jyuzayeguuwaah J. Summers February 17, 2010
Fluck, Flucked, Flucking
An action equivalent or worse than getting beat with any object such as: an extension cord, 6in. stiletto heels, a leather belt, a metal baseball bat, or cell phone charger, and ect.

black man1: Yo he got flucked

black man2:....fa show 0_0
by GD a.k.a Octavius August 09, 2008

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