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To put a hot dog on one's head.
Go fluck yourself.
by Nichirin June 30, 2004
71 71
A common conjuction formed by combining the words "flying" and "fuck". Commonly employed in an attempt to demonstrate that the subject matter at hand bears so little consequence as not even to merit fully stating one's opinion.
"how about those red sox?"
" Dunno. They could win the world series and I wouldn't give a fluck"
by Nathan G. Baldwin August 01, 2005
16 17
The act of screwing someone over; or angering them.

The act of sexual seduction to the opposite or same sex.

The act of telling someone off or insulting them.
Hey fluckface go eat a fluck sandwich and sit on a fluck footlong.
by Gan ti.. Gan ti, it's Gan ti March 24, 2011
0 3
Fluck, Flucked, Flucking
An action equivalent or worse than getting beat with any object such as: an extension cord, 6in. stiletto heels, a leather belt, a metal baseball bat, or cell phone charger, and ect.

black man1: Yo he got flucked

black man2:....fa show 0_0
by GD a.k.a Octavius August 09, 2008
6 9
A word used in place of the word fuck.
For example:I dont give a fluck.or you fluckin rats ass.
by Sarah January 24, 2004
23 26
A word to replace "fuck".
"Oh yah, fluck you! *holds up ring finger*"
by sharii June 30, 2006
15 20

1. The art of Sucking and Fucking at the same time.

2. Synonym, Fucking Sucks
1.) Judy fucks Sean and sucks Jerry.

2.) Man, this flucks.
by jerrett March 30, 2005
7 13
to fly like a duck at the west henderson football game.
also used to say fuck with out using profane words.
"Hey Fluckface."

"Go fluck yourself."

by westfalcongirl09 March 16, 2008
4 11