To put a hot dog on one's head.
Go fluck yourself.
by Nichirin June 30, 2004
A word used commonly by many YouTubers but mainly Gregory Onision as a way of saying F*ck without geting his videos flagged.
Instead of "Get the f*ck out!"... "Get the fluck out!"
by TheMolestacher January 17, 2013
The fine line between flirting and fuck-buddies; not in a serious realtionship, however making out is acceptable. Anywhere between first and second base; Different from friends with benefits because they couple involved may or may not act like friends in public; to fluck, flucking, fluckers;
"So I heard Haley and Devin were fucking each other, are they friends with benefits or what?"

"Nah, they're just fluck-buddies"
by coolpeople123 June 20, 2009
A way to say fuck you and get a way with it at school
Fluck you Mr. Higgs
by DEMGRAPES July 25, 2014
It is basically 'fuck/flucking/flucker' But it is the "clean" word. If you scream it out in class you can't get into trouble! At least not yet!
by MissBiancaPayne February 25, 2013
effing luck
*Bird poops on guy's head*

Guy - Just my fluck!
by Meh_wrote_fluck February 19, 2010
Another mix for the exlamation of not caring "flying fuck".
Don- I dont want warm water!

Lisa- I dont give a fluck! Drink it.
by pooponastick52 May 13, 2009
A kinky act of clucking while fucking.
Bob: Dude! Did you just see Ashley? I totally would fluck her right now.
Joe: Thats some kinky shit man.
by Broannosaurus Rex November 08, 2011

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