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1. Commonly used as an insult among teenage boys.
2. To flubbergust is to place something edible, into a females vagina, have sexual intercourse with the item in the vagina, and after orgasm, eating the edible materials out of the vagina using your face.
3. A mildly painful, yet rewarding method of "freak sex" exploiting a woman's vagina with foreign items which are later eaten directly our of her by the partner.
Here's a fubberguster situation, where Joe is the flubberguster.

Joe has a cup of apple sauce. He pours it into Jane's vagina.

Joe then penetrates his penis into Jane's vagina, and has sexual intercourse until orgasm and ejaculation.

Upon ejaculation, Joe will remove his penis from Jane's vagina, and use his mouth and tongue to eat the apple sauce out of Jane's vagina.
by Albert Hines July 15, 2008
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A Flubberguster is a person or thing which places their food in a female's vagina and eats the food out of it as if it was their kitchen ware.
Stuff your girlfriend with your favorite salad, and you've got two meals in one! You are now a flubberguster if you eat it out of her!
by Marcus Hale April 20, 2008

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