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the noise that people born in sutton coldfield make when trying to speak after either a) too many cider & blacks b) too many hours playing shooto.
--> a mumbling noise
well, i went up to her and said, "normally hockey players are minging but..." flubadub... flubadub... flubadub...
by RogerSanchez February 10, 2004
phrase describing the inability to complete a coherent sentence... i.e mumbling like a bastard, or like old relatives when they are telling you about the days of old and you can't understand what the devil they are saying.
In 1924, Mavis and i were walking the downs in old swithering town when we wnernjnenjfnjfnjn fluabdububububububububub........
by Cookie December 13, 2003
(noun) A person who after passing gas in his bathtub, bites the bubbles that appear on the surface of the water.
You can usually tell who is a flubadub by the obnoxious combination of flatulence and soap on their breath.
by Crunchy Lays February 27, 2011