Accidentally writing/improvising a riff that sounds similar or exactly the same as a Pink Floyd song.
A: Dude, Steven Wilson totally ripped off the acoustic part from Dogs and called it his own song

B: Nah, it was probably just a floydian slip
by jaaxxxax August 14, 2011
Top Definition
When you accidentally say something that turns out to be a lyric from a Pink Floyd song.

similar to/derived from a freudian slip
Me: Don't worry about it, people like that are just bricks in the wall.

Carrie: Ha! Floydian slip!
by the Marquise October 17, 2007
n. When someone inadvertently reveals through a conversational error drug habits or connections that were meant to be suppressed, often by substitution of a drug reference for a different word or phrase.

also: Pink Floydian slip

derived from: Freudian slip + Pink Floyd
A: Want to go smoke a bowl?

B: Wait, what? I didn't know that you got high.

A: Oh, shit! I meant to say, "Want to go to Taco Bell?" Total Floydian slip on my part; I didn't want you to find out because I knew you would tell C and then she would never leave me alone about it. Don't tell C.
by plausitron April 24, 2010

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