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A half mass erection.
When I saw that semi-hot girl, I got a flow'er.
by jokerface249 June 24, 2009
1 2
A person with inherently good qualities (ie they're nice, intelligent, funny) that are definitely not shared with their terrible terrible families.
Person 1: Gee, Sarah Seems Nice...
Person 2: Yeah, but have you talked to her Dad? he's a horrible person
Person 1: Luckily, flowers often grow out of dirt
by ElKapitan March 25, 2011
10 13
A very cute person (or animal).
"Oh, he's such a flower."
by Amy Schulz May 28, 2005
44 48
A boy with girl issues who enjoys playing the guitar and singing
Person 1: Man have you listened to that kid's lyrics, he is such a flower!
Person 2: I know right!
by hockeyhockey654 August 29, 2011
8 14
Alternative word for faggot, queer, and homosexual.
Yo man, that guy wearing the pink hello kitty shirt is such a fucking flower!
by Ricky92! October 21, 2010
3 9
an hate word towards the florecia 13 gang in los angeles made by the east coast crips which are rivals in la
fuck a flower cuz!!
by lalski2x February 11, 2009
17 23
Flower means dying, RED situation - in army code/slang.
Example of how you can put the word together

"He's pushing up the daisies"

"We've got a flower here, please call Medical"
by Daniel G, Haïm September 14, 2008
4 10