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A clique at my high school where everyone is overly happy with no problems. They constantly say "YAY US!" "EEP!" "I WIN!" and so forth. People normally use it as a derogatory term because many flower power members are very annoying.
1. "oh look there's flower power. great." (used as sarcasm)

2. one of the flower power members--"OMG look it's a pop tart. bzz! yay! yay! my pop tart is better than yours!"
by hello_world_47839478392 April 19, 2009
8 15
A slogan of the hippie generation of the 1960's and coined by the poet Allen Ginsberg which meant the power of passive resistance. There is a movement today called the flower power movement that seeks to stop the bullying of teens by the older generation,curfews ect.
John believes in flower power.
by Deep blue 2012 March 14, 2010
29 12
The state of being in which Mario and Luigi are able to shoot fireballs. By touching the white flower, the Bros. gain said "flower power" to use against Koopa (see also Bowser) and his various henchmen.
"Hey Mario, let's ice this goon with some flower power!"
"No, lets just bust his fuckin' kneecaps!"
by C. J. Guff October 09, 2004
32 35