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A boy that looks and acts feminine/ girly.
A: Kim Heechul is a flower boy!!

B: OMG yeah! He totally is one!!
by fg4564jhd August 26, 2009
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UK Definition: Someone who is soft and is a romantic, the person then portrays this to the opposite sex
Fam, man was talking to Jessica the other day, big man ting Reece is a flower boy standard.
by r. creator December 04, 2012
A flower boy is a boy who both looks and acts like a girl. They tend to have feminine habits, such as wearing makeup, and will also be much prettier than any girl you will ever see.
Girl 1: Have you ever seen Ren from Nu'est?
Girl 2: He is such a flower boy.
Girl 1: I know right! Why can't I be as pretty as he is?
by Galaxy Kris June 24, 2014
someone who is secretly interested in men but tries to cover up by using girls and breaking their hearts for no apparent reason.
For example David D'Angelo is a flower boy who is secretly in love with Timmy V.
by Innor Doogna October 09, 2010
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