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A haircut sported by mainly hockey players. It tends to be wavy and flow out the back the helmet.Puck sluts think it is quite sexy.
"dude, have you seen joe sackic's flow cut? I bet he reels in mad broads with that."
by the gongshow August 04, 2008
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The act of cutting and or trimming your long hair after lacrosse season.
Bro 1: Lax season is over. I need a flowcut.
Bro 2: I got a flowcut already.
Bro 1: word.
Bro 2: yeah.
by daughtadan August 02, 2011
When someone with sick flow (hair that flows) gets a hair cut, and their flow becomes shorter and or is no longer flow. This can be a very terrible thing for all bros with flow.
Steve: dude whats up with the hat?
Bill: dude i got a flow cut, it sucks
Steve: aw man really? that does suck, i feel for you bro
by Zømby March 30, 2011
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