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2 definitions by Zømby

When someone with sick flow (hair that flows) gets a hair cut, and their flow becomes shorter and or is no longer flow. This can be a very terrible thing for all bros with flow.
Steve: dude whats up with the hat?
Bill: dude i got a flow cut, it sucks
Steve: aw man really? that does suck, i feel for you bro
by Zømby March 30, 2011
A word said to the person who recently insulted you when you cannot think of a comeback. Popular among friends joking with each other. However when used in this way, it needs to be said with different annuciation, (aww right) but together in one word
Drew: Ok Nathan atleast ive actually gotten head
Nathan: Ok well sorry im not failing four classes
Drew: Alright Nathan
by Zømby April 21, 2011