-noun/adjective: flove is a type of platonic "friend-love"

-verb: flove is the equivalent of the infinitive "to fucking-love"
Ashley and Aviel have a flovely relationship. (friend-love)

Ashley to Aviel, "I flove you." (fucking-love)
by Rubber-Ducky May 23, 2012
Fake Love...Flove. To be in fake love with someone.
Erika and Regina keep falling in flove with hot guys.
by Salmon and HHH September 29, 2006
"fake love"

Referring to fake love in a way of infatuation.

Can be used if someone really likes someone but doesn't necessarily mean they love them. They are obsessed.
"Oh man, I'm in flove with him/her."

"I flove you."
by Tayls September 15, 2006
The love between two, and sometimes three, obeise people. Usually the relationship is based soley upon ability to consume large amounts of food, and not move for extended periods of time.

Fat + Love = Flove
"Bret and Jess are such a great couple."

"Yea, but its only flove."
by Beef McDuff April 24, 2006
The act of loving someone but not quite fully ready to admit that you really love them. When your too nervous to admit Love.

The period of time before you admit you love someone. More then Friendship love but not ready to admit they are fully head over heels in love yet.
Flove you Baby
by Karen June 27, 2004

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