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A faggot who is also a loser. The intercourse of these two words results in a newborn Floser.
Girl 1: "Look at that floser, she's such a Cassie."
Girl 2: "Don't you mean look at Cassie, she's such a floser?"
Girl 1: "I don't give a fuck, they're both the same to meh."
by anonymousandsexy December 19, 2011
floser = fucking+loser similar to fugly
what kinda floser likes goin to school??
by cutelittleangul February 22, 2005
Meaning: F**king Loser.
"He/she did what?! What a f'loser!"
by Avalon Isle April 30, 2006
Fucking+Loser= Floser
Jon: Look at that Fuck living with his mom

Tim: Yup

Jon: He's such a looser

Tim: Ya, he such a floser

Jon: WTF!!!

Tim: It is a combined word that Harry made, it means *uckingloser

Jon: Omg He must be so cool, if he was a girl I would so make out with him.
by Harris A. September 09, 2008
F*cking Loser
That guy that just called me a B*tch is such a Fluser.
by Hannah W-G May 22, 2003
someone who purposefully flunks there classes just to look cool to other people
John was such a floser when he failed english even though he usually gets striaght a's just because whatshername thought he was to perfect
by "emo lezbo" March 15, 2005