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A highly intelligent gorgeous girl who is bubbly and well loved by all. she is usually happy and loves her friends.she has amazing hair and big brown eyes.all the boys love her and admire her personalitie. florrie normally like frogs tortoises fish and cocker spaniels she usually has good friends born in january september november and june.her family are usually welcoming and always have a favourite friend.

to sum it up florrie is auwsome !
I love florrie she is auwsome
florrie is amazing
florrie is so cool
florrie is popular
by garry smithanial May 11, 2010
generally annoying, tends to tell bad jokes and occasionally will put her pubic hair on pillows.
kind of like a florrie?
by izzysquared December 06, 2010
'Florrie' : a rare skin disease which causes rapid growth of eyebrows and upper lip hairs.
Patient: I don't know what it is
Doctor: I think you have a mild case of florrie
by BobSinclairBrownieToot March 26, 2009
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