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Pronunciation: Midwestern U.S. /Flahp-hahp/, Utah /Flawp-Hawp/

Inflections: Not a Linguist.

Etymology: <Western United States flophop< flop- past tense of flip, effect of flipping, + -hop- present tense of jump, a short jump; both elements< Standard American.

A. v.

1. Going from one restaurant to the next in search of pancakes. The act usually involves intoxication.


flophop fork n. a utensil, usually somewhat metallic, to puncture and eat a given pancake.
flophop knife n. a utensil, also usually somewhat metallic, that slices a given pancake.

Historical References

The art of flophopping has a distinct history dating back to the proto-hockey player. Wayne Gretzky was known to flophop.
A: The whiskey is gone.
B: Sounds good to me, let's flophop, I love pancakes.
by Anonymark November 25, 2013
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