a male dance... when he on the hard, he makes, his yeah flop up and down
"Kevin did da flop-flop at da playground... It was so small, it aint even look like it was movin!!!"
by Destinee March 03, 2005
Top Definition
The awesomest spring player in history, he can own your entire t2 defences and t3 units with a single peewee. flopflop has never lost a single game of balanced annihilation or any other game for that matter.
PRO_rANDY: i just been owned by flopflop :(
{WarC}DayWalKeR: i also been owned by flopflop :(
{LCC}Lion_heart{CK}: me 2
PRO_rANDY: ok who here hasnt been owned by flopflop?
{PinK}Triton: i think we've all been owned by flopflop
{PinK}flopflop: i'm gay
by agorilla July 17, 2009
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