a male dance... when he on the hard, he makes, his yeah flop up and down
"Kevin did da flop-flop at da playground... It was so small, it aint even look like it was movin!!!"
by Destinee March 03, 2005
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The awesomest spring player in history, he can own your entire t2 defences and t3 units with a single peewee. flopflop has never lost a single game of balanced annihilation or any other game for that matter.
PRO_rANDY: i just been owned by flopflop :(
{WarC}DayWalKeR: i also been owned by flopflop :(
{LCC}Lion_heart{CK}: me 2
PRO_rANDY: ok who here hasnt been owned by flopflop?
{PinK}Triton: i think we've all been owned by flopflop
{PinK}flopflop: i'm gay
by agorilla July 17, 2009

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