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the kernels at the bottom of the microwave popcorn bag that do not pop, despite careful cooking timing and bag shaking. flop popcorn
After I'd eaten most of the popcorn, I could see quite a few flopcorns at the bottom of the bag.
by TraceyHS April 15, 2006
The kernels in the bottom of the popcorn bag that don't pop.
When I got to the bottom of the popcorn bag, there were quite a few flopcorns there and I felt cheated.
by TraceyH115 January 07, 2012
a word used to discribe someone who smells really bad, usually geared towards girls, if literally taken, it means a combination of the smells of fish and popcorn
'ah i wish that chick over there would close her legs, it smells like flopcorn in here'
by josh seamans October 26, 2006