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To lie on a wooden floor and stare at the ceiling while philosofying about love, life, universe and everything.
To achieve a strong flooring experience, one needs appropriate flooring music.
To strengthen the experience, a good spaghetti Bolognese meal should be enjoyed beforehand.
PhilHarmony: Damn Jimmy, I'm really confused about all these complex issues regarding love, life, universe and everything..
Jimmy: Chill dude, let's do some flooring for a while and sort things out!!
PhilHarmony: Yeah man, that sounds great!!
by shgang January 09, 2009
To lye on the floor after consuming a massive meal. The bloated feeling is eased and the horizontal position of your body aids digestion.
After my sixth helping at Thanksgiving I had to do some serious flooring or I thought I would die.
by coinflipper November 27, 2009