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The dance floor or club floor or a bar floor
The place where the party is at

To hit the floor-to go out to wherever the party would be at that night, whether its a house party to a club or a bar
Jake: Yo dude that GTL was sick today man, you ready to go out?
Alex: yeah, man its T Time
(Jake and Alex proceed to put on their respective shirts)
Jake: lets hit the floor broski
by Sbixen1 February 13, 2011
Something that you step on that is in the ground.
I have to fix the floor
by ChloeandCarly June 11, 2014
She is a pretty girl who is funny but likes to crack inappropriate jokes. She likes music. Her fashion sense is sometimes off but she has her bestie to help with that.
That is such a floor thing to do!
by winkwinknudgenudge12345 November 06, 2013
A prefix used when one finds something good in an unexpected place.

Origin: Homer Simpson upon discovery of a slice of pie on the floor... "oooh floorpie!"
Usage: Innocently selecting 'play' on your pirate copy of "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" you discover the disc actually contains "Sex Freaks 3: Cum Junkies" ....

"oooh floorporn!"
by Rudy Miller August 24, 2009
To thoroughly beat and/or mutilate another person(s) or thing(s); this generally concludes in the recepient on the ground in pain, or great discomfort.
"Son you best thro' down right na befoe I floor yo hoe ass."
by Tranc3nder April 21, 2004
An evil hybernating creater that will one day cconsume you as you walk upon it.
Holy crap the floor's eating me! Run away!!!!
by pinki November 21, 2003
cool , hip, in-fashion
man tony's new kicks are floor.
by Jon Simard August 20, 2005