df: The largest shelf ever made
"Hey mom! What should I do with these groceries?"
"Just put them on the floor for right now, honey!"


"Ugh, there's so much stuff on my bed! What am I going to do with it all?"
*Throws everything on the floor*
by Tonika April 25, 2007
To intoxicate exceptionally thoroughly.
After a bottle and a half of Vodka, Mike was floored.
by jane February 28, 2003
She is a hot, sweet, intelligent girl. She's nice, almost always in a good mood and has a good reason for it when she's not. She has a nice booty, always making guys say damn i want to tap that. She's intelligent too. Likes to flirt but you cant help but flirt back. She's a real sweetheart. You will want to be with her always. You'll fall in love with her. Floors are just all around a great catch.
Damn, Floor is so hot
by peopleffffffff March 10, 2015
A prefix used when one finds something good in an unexpected place.

Origin: Homer Simpson upon discovery of a slice of pie on the floor... "oooh floorpie!"
Usage: Innocently selecting 'play' on your pirate copy of "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" you discover the disc actually contains "Sex Freaks 3: Cum Junkies" ....

"oooh floorporn!"
by Rudy Miller August 24, 2009
To thoroughly beat and/or mutilate another person(s) or thing(s); this generally concludes in the recepient on the ground in pain, or great discomfort.
"Son you best thro' down right na befoe I floor yo hoe ass."
by Tranc3nder April 21, 2004
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