A method of locomotion used by seals and similar mammals on land whereby they propell themselves by bouncing along on their bellies.
It is unlikely that a seal found in rural Lancashire could have flolloped four miles from the sea.
by Jon Wright December 01, 2006
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An action only performable by live matresses living in the swamps of the planet Sqornshellous Zeta.
"The matress flolloped around in a sympathetic manner."
by Chainsaw Dudley March 31, 2003
relax, recline, flop; feeling too flollopy to do anything.
"I can't move, I feel far too flollopy!"
by eve-naive January 24, 2012
The action of using one's breasts to slap an object or person.
Flollop (verb) Jane began to flollop everyone around her at the party.
by Gregorian P January 10, 2009
(Flollop, ing)

1. to move from a perpendicular position into a lounging
postion with lack of effort.

2. to move in an un-controlled manner causing skin and/or
baggy clothes to flap as you do so.
"dude, stop flolloping around and help me put these beers in the fridge."
by Ben7352 November 20, 2007
The art of crawling in a sleeping bag, while racing other sleeping-bagged people.
They´re having flollop races up and down the garden.
by Eruantale August 01, 2003

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