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A humiliating and debilitating hazing ritual required of a pledge to gain access to the fraternity of their choice.
My brodog was hospitalized after he tried to flog-in to Sigma Chi.

Do you have any idea what the flog-in is for Alpha Delta?!
by oops and aandy February 22, 2014
To lie for no reason all the time.
James: Mane, I just played God of War all night?
Tony: I thought you had a Xbox?
James: I do!
Tony: But its only available on Playstation! Stop Flogin!
by yungknicca September 29, 2015
actin a fool

doin stupid shit, normally when taking drugs or drinking.
ha! look at Todd! He be flogin! His ass just fell out the damn chair!
by foxyma October 22, 2007
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