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A vile creature who pertains various insidious qualities such as abusing one's parents.

Rough anal sex is one of their hobbies along with sucking out infections from rancid cocks.

"Fraggle was trying to floggle me"

"Floggles is a vile creature"
by Heyall January 19, 2008
12 3
A floggle is a name for a dog. It is a term coined by only the greatest of canine admirers.
excited dog loving child: 'Look at all the cute floggles mum! can we have a floggle?'
equally excited mother of dog loving child: 'of course we can, they are man's best friend'
by dawg1066 April 23, 2011
5 2
slang word for fuck
'Floggle off.'
'You prat you floggle'd my sister!'
'Lets floggle'
by PezDispenser October 17, 2003
7 8
The sexual act of being whipped while masturbating to images of people being whipped on Google image search.
Yo, dude, Dave just handed me a whip and told me to follow him into his room. I think he wants to Floggle.
by MaxxyJ December 15, 2010
3 5