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The combination of being physically posted while floating to a new level mentally. A stress-free, highly contemplative lifestyle.
I tried to make Aaron angry but he was floasting way too much.
by jmille05 August 24, 2011
Flat Toast = Floast. Instead of toasting your bread in a toaster, you butter the bread first and use a floaster (also known as a sandwich press) to toast the bread. The end result is a flat, golden, crispy delicious piece of floast.
I'm feeling a little hungry, I'm going to make some floast.
by Macca81 August 26, 2014
Some stupid bullshit made up by two students at Stanford. They say that it's a mixture of the words floating and posting, a state where your body is still but your mind is floating. It essentially tells the world: I'm a pretentious asshole, who has nothing better to do than sit and stare at shit.
Me and John spent three hours floasting. It was so surreal. You should really try it.
by elliot2793 August 24, 2011
The highest known measurement of mass. A Fuck Load Of A Shit Ton
I drank a floast last night. Whoa. Holy hangover.
by Misteryum November 19, 2014

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