It is when you like someone of the opposite sex, and while communicating with them(chatting), you imply(hint) subtle that you like them, without every directly saying it.
Guy: Do you like her?

Guy2: why do you ask?

Guy1: Cause it seemed like you kept hinting to her that you liked her while you guys were talking today.

Guy2: okay fine. yeah i was flirting with her the whole time.
by All Knowing 808 January 15, 2013
To be playful, too nice or caring with someone.

Ali' was flirting with that girl all day yesterday
by Unknown user 87 March 17, 2016
When a guy likes a girl, or a girl likes a guy, that they don't know too well, they will flirt with them to put themselves in a better light. They can also bullshit slightly to make themselves look better without thinking about the long term effects of the lie.

It is extreemly painful for someone's ex to hear that the person they've just broken up with is flirting with someone else and just letting them find out the hard way.
1) Guy: Hey
Girl: Hi
Guy: I do athletics for the local sports team, I'm the best there, you should coem see us
Girl: Okay
2) Guy: *Sees tweets from the girl to another guy with kisses at the end* I know about this other guy now, thanks for telling me
Girl: I didn't want to hurt you
Guy: Well how do you think that tuned out?
by John Bryan August 16, 2012
when some orange oompa loompa attempts to flirt with your boyfriend over facebook because shes too ugly and scared to do it in person because of his gorgeous girlfriend who could beat the living shit out of her in 1 hit (: yaayyy YOUR AWESOME.
"ew why is shelby rodgers flirting with my boyfriend? shes so ugly and weird and she always looks like she smelt something bad. like the old cucumber shoved in her asshole."
by wilma flinstone May 10, 2010
sexually socialling contact to the opposite sex.
Michelle is too close to my boyfriend, and she's touching him. (Michelle is flirting with my boyfriend)
by fjdaklduaifoe May 23, 2006

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