The act of arousing someone elses attention by a variety of methods.
Martin laughed as Jeff and Kevin were flirting over who would get to sit shotgun.
by Keyz May 11, 2005
False, misleading, and deceitful bullshit women tend to do.
Flirting is clearly IMBA.
by Glenn_Quagmire December 01, 2006
to talk with love or soothing words while giving love glares and touching each other endlessly, to show love emotions towards one another
"through class i couldn't stop flirting with Alex, my hands were all over him and the words couldn't stop coming out"
by Amanda April 05, 2004
making fun of someone for their actions is a flirt.
someone did something wrong, you then say "OH YOU'RE SO STUPID, HOW COULD YOU DO THAT WOW" that is being a flirt.
by sdsdsdfsdf December 02, 2007
Givin' sexpot gestures to that fine ass mo fo in the pimpin fits.
She worried that she would be considered a flirt.
by Natalie December 20, 1999
Someone who parts a channel within thirty seconds of joining. Not to be confused with link spammers, flirts rarely say anything other than Hi.
This channel gets a lot of flirts in it, huh?
by Pez the Mighty June 19, 2005
being suductive with mike walmer(probably making you ali Bioth or meagan blazer.)
Wow look at mike walmer he is totally flirting with ALI BIOTCH (B-H)he is almost drooling
by Manya ( hahaha mike) you suck February 22, 2005

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