Real Estate Flipper that was the last one in right before the Real Estate bubble went POP. They are now upside down in their Real Estate "Flip" and can not sell it, neither can they afford the mortgage.
All eight of Casey Serin's houses are going into foreclosure because he is nothing but a noob fliptard. (
by FlyingMonkeyChick March 19, 2007
Top Definition
An insult used for someone who is your friend. Insulting in a silly way. Occasionally used instead of fucktard.
"Kyle is such a fliptard"
by Shadowed Rose July 10, 2008
An un-offensive word intended to replace an offensive word. This can be used in any context to replace any swear word that would be used to describe someone as stupid.
What a fliptard he was!
by monsieur c April 22, 2009
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