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a group of young african american and white males who go around in the offical flipsquad car , flippin bitches, smokin weed, and makin money.
damn i heard flipsquad went HAM on rachel hawkins pussy last night.
by ventiocho February 13, 2011
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A group of people who take a girl and "flip" her through the whole group.
I'm part of the best damn flip squad there is.
by WhiteNigger666 December 23, 2010
a group of dusty niggas who take pride in scooping up fresh pussy to deflower, then tossing it back to the trashier social circles to use and dispose of. their confidence is as high as their standards are low. they do the work that holds up a whole town of dirty girls and lucky guys.
What happened to that goody two shoes Jamie?

She lost her virginity to a flipsquad guy, and then she fucked all the old money in the town until it became necessary to dp her in order to get rid of the looseness.
by notmbo July 17, 2011
A group of obnoxious Filipinos who all dress the same, drive Hondas and click their tongues to get your attention. Too brown to be preppy, too short to be bangers.
Like I say to my little filipino friend whom they've shunned for mingling with the white folk..."Oh shit look out! Here comes the flip squad break dancin' again."
by Crakrjak November 20, 2003

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