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Flipping someone off.

How to flip the chimp:
1. Hold right hand out, palm facing toward your body. The hand should be parallel to that whom you are flipping off.
2. Lower and curl your thumb, index, ring, and pinky finger in unison. The middle finger will stay erect unless stated otherwise.
3. Make an exaggerated facial expression somewhere between anger, disgust, and confusion (as to why someone would flagrantly disregard your awesome).
4. Congratulations! You have successfully flipped the chimp.
"This guy cut me off while I exited the freeway. I totally flipped him the chimp."

"Ever played Mario Party 8? God, sometimes I feel like flipping it the chimp!"

"Ever played that game Flip the Chimp in Mario Party 8? It's awesome!"
by Crbls November 23, 2008
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Flipping someone off with both hands whilst pulling a angry face and making a loud noise (usually a chimp noise).
Andy: "Dude I think Barry is gonna flip the chimp at you"
Paul: "Son of a bitch, so he is!"

Barry: "ahrghhha!"
by Ahleeks April 06, 2011
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