a scene guy who wears flip flops to shows.

Typical attire:
- Tight, flared leg girl pants
- Norma Jean shirt
- Bandana as headband, but in the middle of the head close to scalp, with hair in eyes, and back of hair messy.
- Scarves
- Messenger bag
- Cigarette
Look at that flip flopper, get him in the pit and kick his ass!
by xHUNTERxEDGEx December 08, 2006
Way to go, "Ketchup" Kerry! Carry on with that flippin' an' floppin'!
by John Stewart September 14, 2004
One who flip-flops.

See: Logan
Logan is a flip flopper.
by James Griffin January 02, 2005
One who wears flip flops.

See: faggot
George wears flip-flops, he is gay.
by John L. Kerry January 02, 2005
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