the shortened & rearranged term for filipino.

Flip - "Funny (or Fucking) Little (or Looking) Island People".

Our ancestors were named flips from the Americans as in insult. Just like how they called the african american's niggers. Remember when the whites were seperated from the blacks? it happened to the Filipinos too. They even tried banning the Filipino's from migrating to the US.
She's a Flip.

*remember what Flip really stands for and how hard it was for the Filipino ancestors that went through it all.
by redjoyy January 17, 2005
Flip is a degrading racial slur for people of Filipino descent. It was used way back in the day to mean "Fucking Little Island People" The one`s who use it are just so stupid that they don`t know they`re own culture`s history. So please get it straight.
FLIP is degrading to Filipinos, but most are being stupid and calling themselves that.
by alysserr June 27, 2005
another way of saying filipino.
a person from philippines.
native to mississauga, ON.
" you don't look cambodian, you a flip? "
by malibog.ako October 11, 2004
To pimp out, change or improve on - as said by the mentally stagnant Tim Westwood on Pimp My Ride UK:
We pimped a granny's ride,
we flipped a granny's bus.
by markyharry March 16, 2007
FLIP = Fucking Little Island People or Person.
FLIP : IS NOT short for filipino.
Flip is racial slur word invented by AMERICAN TROOPS stationed in the Philippines during the Philippine-American War.Some filipinos think "flip" is short for filipinos but they are ignorant to there past.
I hate these FLIPS!!!!
by baller23 September 09, 2005
Lapit mga kaibigan at makinig kayo
Ako'y may dala-dalang, balita galing sa bayan ko
Nais kong ipamahagi ang mga kwento
Ang mga pangyayaring nagaganap
Sa lupang pinangako

if you kno wha this means, then your a flip...
wanna party? bring a flip to get tha party started!!
by Paul February 17, 2005
An ignorant Filipino's way of saying they are Filipino. It actaully means "fucking litle island people/person."

Instead of saying flip, please say pinoy/pinay or Flilipino/Flilipina.
GangsterPinoi1231: Damn, you a whitewashed flip..
RealPinoy00: Damn, fool you hella stupid.. i hope our ancestors haunt you in your dreams...
by DamnRicers March 28, 2005
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