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A homosexual who purposefully dates a heterosexual to hides his/her homosexuality.
That flinker is too afraid to come out of the closet.
by Ryborg July 08, 2005
to really, really, want a piece of gum; the urge is so intense it's all you can think about
I'm feeling really flinker right now" "I told you I don't have anymore gum!
by ryguy71421 June 02, 2011
Cell phone charger
May I please use your flinker? I left mine at my Aunt Mary's house, and her giraffe ate it.
by cell phone charger March 11, 2014
Remote for TV. From a "Shoe" comic strip sometime in the 70's ???
Pass me the flinker.
by waterfeller March 30, 2007