(n.-Sng) A young homosexual male holding a deceitful relationship with a female in order to attain or maintain social acceptance among peers.

1. A young homosexual who exploits attraction received from a female by falsifying a heterosexual relation in order to hide his actual sexuality.
2. A homosexual exhibiting uncharacteristically youthful appearance for their age - often uses their appearance to deceive others for the purpose of personal gain.
"The poor regard & disinterest exhibited towards his girlfriend leads me to believe he's a flink." or "He's flinked his way through life."
by Billy Santa October 07, 2003
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The act of forwarding a web link or address to someone electronically.
I don't have time to watch that viral video right now. Flink it to me so I can watch it later.
by soylent_belew October 25, 2010
Cross between flinch and blink
HA I never even flinked!
by Dayveboy August 26, 2008
A mess up. Or a catastrophe( I think that is how you spell it). Something that was done that was done that normally makes the person who did it feel like a Schlop.
Man. I totally flinked up my IDRP presentation. Dang it I'm so stupid. I feel like such a schlop.
by The Quadrant of Doom May 08, 2008
verb to flink: fall on the ground and have a laughing fit.
I poked Loren in the stomach and she flinked.
by cyncyrie April 29, 2004
(v) the ability to lick your elbow with your tongue
flinked, flinking
OMG! I can finally flink!
He totally just flinked.
I just adore flinking.
by flinkmaster February 14, 2009
1.Similar to a 'flick' or a 'twink' but way better then both, its actually a combination of both. So thats why its better.

2. May also be used in place of the f-bomb.

Different Forms
flink, or flinked, flinking
Jenn just flinked my boob.

I'm going to flink you up.

Stop flinking my boob!

by Amanda and Jenn April 25, 2007
a hot sexy women or man, also an ugly over sixed differnt shaped colored dick.
1.that man is very flink

2. he has a very ugly flink
by maddie June 15, 2006

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