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A really fat asian girl that thinks she's thin and likes to wear clothes that are too tight and shoes that are too small. Flindells usually have full moon faces, small eyes, have some moles on their face and love the color black. So they are basically fat gothic people who wear skinny jeans, tight dresses and short shorts whn they oughtta wear a cloak.


Flindell can also be a verb of when things/clothes don't fit because their too small.
"Omg, look at that flindell, she's pouring out of her clothes"
"That flindell has a cup cake effect, her hips are coming out of her jeans."


"That dress is totally flindelling her I can see every tire of fat on her. She ought to either find a treadmill or get a cloak"
by oxfordstamfordharvardbrown January 09, 2010
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