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A thin peace of paper rolled with marijuana used to get "astronomically, rediculously 'hella' blazed"-to the point the person smoking the flin chino cannot say anything except the suprisingly repeatative line "dude...I'm so blazed, like...I'm REALLY gone, just...gone...ect". To make a flin chino, and not just a "joint" you have to have VERY dank marijuana, grown, and nurtured, and sold with love, or else it becomes just another joint. flin chinos must be smoked in the presense of a lover, or a bestfriend, or highly respected individual.
"what did you do last night?"- friend

"oh man dude, I dont exactly remember"-HERO of the story.

"hahaha why not?"-friend

"I was with my girlfriend, and my best buddy and we rolled a fat flin chino with that bag of northern lights bud I got"-HERO of the story.

"ayyy buddah, lemme hit that flin chino after you."

"I just harvested this new strain man, we should rollie this up into a nice flin chino"

"I dont think I'm up for a flin chino tonight man, lets just get a couple weak joints, thats just TOO much"

"FUCK DUDE, FUCK! my girls pregnate I dont know what to do!"-guy freaking out

"damnnnn man. you know what? don't even fret about it, I got us a nice flin chino here, lets toke"-stoner

*after the flin chino*
"...."- freaking out guy
"what was I freaking out about again?"-freaking out guy

by EagleHeadRipper.AKA. nighthawk March 10, 2009
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