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A person who appears ready to leave a job or relationship, presumably for a better opportunity elsewhere.
"Aaron's a definite flight risk, I hear he's posted on"
by Anton September 04, 2003
When you're playing the childhood game of Airplane and the person in the air is getting railed so hard by the third party that they fall over and yell "bombs away!!"
Damn, John. You need to start doing more leg lifts. You let Amanda fall into the flight risk because I was nailing her so hard. She hit her face on the ground.
by Lalalgahhaha192794910 October 04, 2013
When dat azz is so fine that you spray your man-naizze all over dat shawty
"I was thinking about hitting dat so hard that I got a flight risk on her belly button."
by Rob696969123456 October 04, 2013
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