flight crew employed mainly for safety of the aircraft.
but in asia most are employed mainly upon "pleasing personality", which is equivalent to good looks, great physique and a positive aura.
most flight attendants in asia are models, cheerleaders, barely-of-legal age.
her nephew wants to be a flight attendant and travel the world.
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by coach johnson August 21, 2008
Top Definition
What a cheerleader becomes when forced from the utopian fantasy of school into the real world.
Due to the strict academemic and intellectual prerequesits of working at McDonalds, Bambi decided to become a flight attendant instead.
by The Shreevester October 06, 2003
A girl version of a wingman, usualy works beter than a wingman
"Steph Buscigs is my flight attendant"
"Yo i pretended to break up with my flight attendant to get that girl!"
#wingman #girls #guys #wing woman #hot chicks #break up #hook up #airplane
by That Guy93 May 02, 2010
The person who waits on you on planes. Guys are usually gayer than Christmas at Macy*s. I don't say that in a disparaging way as I am gay myself. They and their usually straight female coworkers usually have ADHD and think of serving peanuts and drinks in a cramped tube with stale, sick air circulating is somehow glamorous. They usually didn't go to or finish college.
How to piss off a flight attendant: Hey Mary, you fucking Waffle House waitress of the skies! Pull the lead out of your ass and bring me some more peanuts and another glass of pineapple juice! And make it snappy!
#waitress #stewardess #steward #mary #ditz
by Jason H. in Memphis August 03, 2010
1.Attractive female employed for safety purposes on aircraft.

2.Derogatory term used by ugly girls (who never get a shag) to describe good looking girls.
Male usage: Hey look at that flight attendant, she's beautiful.

Jealous uglyfemale usage: Hey look at that flight attendant, what a bimbo.
#hostie #stewardess #trolly dolly #cart tart #galley rat
by cuntycuntface August 22, 2006
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