one who is Filipino but acts/walks/talks as one who is black!
by blah blah blah August 31, 2003
Top Definition
either a person who is half black half filipino or a flip that acts black
dayumm carlos is just a month here in the US and he already actin like a fligga!
by fligguh101 August 14, 2006
A filipino who thinks he/she is black.
by Cyncitay October 09, 2003
a word that only makes sense when you have nothing to say.
this is just a shortened version of the phrase: fligga wigga chigga snigga, the words can be used in any combination as long as they are in order. it is also its own language(see example) if you are committed to the ways of the fligga. only use in times of great need.
(n)yo man, pass me da, umm, damn, the umm, that fligga over there.
(v)lets go fligga man
(adj) you fligga give me ma money!

(language) yo lets fligga on the fligga then we will fligga a little bit and then we will go to the fligga.
by fliggawigga June 01, 2011
Instigated by a man known only as "Heet", fligga is used to refer to another human being with great affection or admiration
Mike, you're great fligga
by John52 April 02, 2006
discarding a man by shooting with an AK-47
With the flick of a fligga I pull my own trigga
by Poo Diddy June 27, 2003
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