An event in which Pediculus capitis or more commonly known as Lice are collected and put into a special capsule that will be launched with the next space shuttle mission by NASA. The codename given to the project is "Flied Lice". The following mission using the same technology is code named "Scratching The Crab Nebulas Surface".
Sally rode. Now it is time for a new shine, I now present, Flied Lice.
by Jerry Lambert May 08, 2006
Top Definition
a tasty concoction of rice vegetables and choice of meat sauteed in oil and soy sauce. often enjoyed with chopsticks.
My favorite dish at the Panda Inn is the flied lice.
by ken69 January 26, 2009
How the asians say Fried Rice, as they cant say R they say L
Mr.Maggo: Dude, me like flied lice!
Karate kid: Me feel like flied lice too!
by CraCKtobeR April 10, 2005
The Asian way to say Fried Rice, they can't say the R, instead they say the L.

When you are pwning the shit out of a game (or something) you shoud 'You want some Flied Lice with that mothafucka!?'
Example; you making a 10 kill streak with a game, and shout through youre headset at your apponent; You want some FLIED LICE with That Mothafucka!
by lame89465 September 01, 2008
cheap and nasty fried rice
Ho says "my special flied lice, my very special flied lice and my very very extra special flied lice are all my much improved flied lice. Or there is just my flied lice."
by theWestHamfan November 10, 2003
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