Online flirting and smooching by means of photo exchange.
One remotest flicker and I was smitten.
by Hercolena Oliver August 28, 2008
Nubile female.
Comes from expression flicking the bean.
Cor, look at that flicker! I'm gonna get down on her bean tonight.
by olive April 16, 2005
Television, T.V., Telly
Person 1: "Hey, what are you doing?"
Person 2: "Nothing just watching the flicker."
Can be used
Person 2: "Nothing just watching the flick."
by Fig Caca December 19, 2006
when you are taking such a long and jurassic shit, that as the grizzled log falls into the hole of the toitey, it is cut off and falls backward grazing one's nutbag in the process. clean up or rinsing is optional.
that flicker i had at work the other day makes my lifetime total a baker's dozen
by mr november is hot June 03, 2009
a persons tongue; a person flicks their tongue on an erect penis.
When she used her tongue as a flicker tonight it turned me on
by The Flicker July 11, 2006
an old movie. Comes from the way that they "flick."
I saw a great flicker yesterday.
by The UweBolla Virus March 01, 2006
When two people date on and off. Hence they flick from one to another.
Sarah - "I don't know if I should take him back again?"
Jess - "For god's sake girl! Stop being such a flicker and get rid of him for good!"
by Alex who is not ne of these December 30, 2005

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